Pre-Planned Lessons

ESL lesson plans from Linden Language are designed for the online world. They are based in Google Drive using Google Slides but can also be converted to PowerPoint. 

All lessons are conversation-based to engage students while also adding in the essentials of grammar and vocabulary. Check out the Linden Language Teachers Pay Teachers' store! 

The First Class: ESL Speaking Evaluation and Goal Setting (for online tutors)

Looking for a way to master your first EFL class with a new online student? This interactive lesson is sure to impress! Perfect for getting to know a new student who is taking a Conversational or General ESL Class. Download for free here.

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Phrasal Verbs for Travel: A Conversation-Based ESL Lesson (B1-B2)

This class introduces 21 phrasal verbs related to travel and includes lots of speaking practice focusing on the theme of travel. One-on-one online students primarily want to focus on speaking practice, but also at times really need to review some grammar. This lesson seeks to help them improve their phrasal verbs while also incorporating as much speaking practice as possible. Purchase for $3 here. 

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Canada: An ESL Conversational English Lesson

Looking for something to talk about in your online ESL Conversational English Class? This lesson uses visual prompts to get students talking about Canada. Designed especially with online one-to-one lessons in mind. I enjoy using this lesson for my ESL students who are interested in travelling or moving to Canada. It's a brief introduction to many different parts of the country, but it mostly focuses on getting them speaking. Purchase for $3 here. 

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Weather and Seasons - An ESL Conversational English Lesson (A2-B1)

This lesson covers some basic topics about the weather and seasons. This lesson includes warm-up questions, photo prompts for describing weather and seasons, a map, a weather forecast activity, and an optional small reading activity. Purchase for $3 here

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Daily Routine (In, At, and On): A Grammar-Focused ESL Speaking Class (B1-B2)

Do you have online students who want to focus on conversation/speaking practice but have fossilized grammar errors? This google slides class is perfect for them! This class reviews the use of the prepositions in, at, and on for both time and place. It is not meant to be an introductory lesson to these prepositions, but rather a review with an emphasis on speaking practice. Purchase for $3 here. 

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CELPIP Practice Test 1 for online tutoring

CELPIP practice material is hard to find, so I have started creating my own practice speaking tests in the style of the CELPIP to practice with my students who take online tutoring sessions. Used as a test-prep lesson, these google slides go for between 30-45 minutes depending on how much time you spend giving your student feedback. This lesson includes a full CELPIP sample speaking test as well as info on the test format and an interactive feedback activity. Purchase for $3 here

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