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Christina | Founder of Linden Language Services

Hi! I'm Christina, tutor and language enthusiast behind Linden Language Services. 

I have a diverse educational background that helps me apply language skills to a variety of . Beginning with a degree in Environmental Science that focus on aquatic ecology, I then completed a master's in urban geography. However, my true passion has always been language. I especially enjoy using my language skills to help people communicate in the natural and social sciences. 

I am also a language learner myself, which helps me learn the best techniques for helping my students. I am fluent in French and also learning Spanish and Maltese. 

My speciality is giving clients and students the tools they need to improve their overall English skills. With years of experience in teaching English, I help my clients and students become stronger writers overall by offering  valuable feedback that can be applied to subsequent work. 



TESOL, Coventry House International (2020)

MA Geography, Queen's University (2020)
BSc Environmental Science, Carleton University (2018)